The touchscreen is the central element of cineDesk. It is powered by a game computer running Unreal Engine. (ZHdK © 2022 / Norbert Kottmann)

As a principle, the Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK is looking for co-operations with film schools in order to develop cineDESK further.

Forms of cooperation

We offer tutorials so that our partners can build cineDesk themselves. These services are charged at cost price. In this context, the software we develop (Unreal plug-in) can be accessed open source with the expectation that it will be further developed in exchange with us.

In addition, the Zurich University of the Arts offers introductory courses on the use of cineDESK and virtual production in an educational context. These courses can take place in Zurich within the ZHdK infrastructure with teachers and students from both the partner’s side as well as from ZHdK. In addition, local courses at the partner’s premises are also possible, provided that ZHdK has sufficient human resources at the requested time. In both cases the courses will be charged at cost price.

The cineDesk cooperation plan includes building instructions, tutorials and hardware recommendations as well as the specific Unreal plugin developed by the Immersive Arts Space. (ZHdK © 2021 / Norbert Kottmann)

1 Build it yourself (tutorial kit)
The “Build it yourself” scheme includes tutorials, hardware recommendations, the Unreal plug-in as well as remote support. These services are charged at cost price.

Preparing assets in a ZHdK staging workshop. (ZHdK © 2021 / Norbert Kottmann)

2 Workshops in Zurich
Introductory workshop: Blocking and staging. 3 days, max. 10 students, basic features of the cineDESK in a hands-on workshop.
Project workshop: Stage your own scene: 3 days; 2 groups of 3 students bring along an idea and a location (as a 3D model). They create their individual MetaHumans (1 day), prepare all assets for the staging process (1 day) and stage their scene.

3 Local courses
Introductory courses or custom workshops with students on site, with local infrastucture , may be possible on the condition that ZHdK has sufficient human resources at the requested time.

Contact regarding cooperations

Chantal Haunreiter
Deputy Head of Film Studies, BA/MA Film