The advanced mode of staging includes real-time animation of the virtual characters with a performance capture system. (ZHdK © 2022 / Norbert Kottmann)

Working with actors

Advanced features of cineDesk allow staging with real actors and thus an individualized and more sophisticated animation of the virtual characters. Such advanced features require motion capture systems (e.g. Rokoko, XSens, Optitrack, Vicon) as well as face tracking (e.g. iPhone / ARKit).

Variations of a scene with MetaHumans animated with the help of Motion Capture. (ZHdK © 2022 / Norbert Kottmann)

Intuitive camera handling

Instead of controlling the virtual camera on the touchscreen, a more intuitive way can be made available for the cameraperson. With the help of a position-tracked iPad, the virtual camera can be controlled as if it were a physical, hand-held camera.

Controlling the virtual camera with a tracked iPad. (ZHdK © 2022, Norbert Kottmann)